What we are doing to make our first family Christmas extra special 

Ok, I know it is pretty obvious that the first Christmas with your first-born is pretty darn special in its own right. I also know that the twins won’t remember anything but we will and I don’t know about you but I’m in the mood to celebrate it! Maybe it’s something to do with the tough pregnancy but I can’t help splurge out on a few things to make the Christmas season that bit extra special so here’s my guide to what we are doing. These would be great for children of any age really, not just newborns, so read on and get some ideas to help make your holidays extra special this year.

  1. Clothes – occasion wear and festive

Yes they are going to only get a month at best out of these but with all the visitors calling around to coo over the little ones, not to mention the hundreds of cute photo opportunities, why not take the chance to put your little one into some gorgeous outfits. We’ve gone for the traditional option for day time and novelty for nighttime but whatever your preference is there are loads of options in the shops.

2. Personalised decorations

Over the past few years I have noticed more and more places selling ceramic decorations that you can personalise with names or special messages. I have always wanted to get one for my mum with all the grandchildren on it but as the family is always expanding it was difficult. This year however I have my own family (yay!!) so I picked up this cute one. I thought it was just right for the twins and they have other penguins for any other additions in years to come….and by that I mean years and years to come!!!

3. Visiting Santa.

A controversial one between the husband and I, but I love the idea of starting this tradition now so that we can have a complete set of photos. You know, to go in the cupboard with all the other boxes of photos! Joking aside, a happy wife is a happy life so off to Santa’s kingdom we go. Luckily I have just the thing to put them in for the photo…..

4. Keep the important traditions

When were first married we had the usual decision about where we would spend our first Christmas. Both of us obviously wanted to stay with our own family and, with the most important meal of the year at stake, our argument for and against literally came down to which house could do the best roast potatoes. Sad but true! In the end neither of us compromised on it and instead we now have 2 Christmas meals.

This year though we need to come together on what we want the girls to grow up knowing. Now this is harder to do when you remember that we spend the holidays between our parents houses as we don’t live in that city anymore. I feel like its going to be a bit of hit and miss on this for a few years as we get into the groove of things but for the moment, like the christmas meal, we are doing everything. Yikes!

5. New traditions

I’m not sure why but one day I got thinking about what kind of things I wish for the girls in their life that I may not necessarily have now. this doesn’t mean something my parents didn’t do with me or something that they couldn’t give me, because in all honesty there isn’t much of those two things anyway, but the one thing was that i wish i remembered a lot more. So I thought about it and I came up with the idea that every year we will write down all the best bits of the year and keep them together (probably in the cupboard next to the box of photos!). The girls are obviously too young to do this at the moment but at least we’ll have it cemented by the time they can join in.

So take this opportunity to start your own traditions. It’s never too late to do this, just be committed to whatever it is.

6. Take time

As we transition from the party going holiday season to the family friendly, double buggy accommodating holiday season, I feel like it could be very easy for us to fall into the curse of trying to do too much in a small space of time. It’s important to take time out for just the 4 of us so I made plans for us to reign in the New Year together, just us. whether you choose this day or not, it doesn’t really but make sure to take time to gather everyone together and do something nice that is just for you all.