Reality Check – time to lose the belly

Since having the twins I haven’t thought about loosing weight. I kinda figured it would fall off itself, after all I have two kids to run around after. The thing is though, newborns don’t really run around; in fact they actually don’t move very much at all, instead sleeping is the priority. So I wasn’t running around and I wasn’t losing the weight. Again this never really bothered me except for the few times that I had to leave the house and put on clothes that didn’t come from my loungewear range. OK, loungewear might be generous, really what i mean is sleepwear!! At these times I felt horrible that I still had a big swollen stomach (one person actually asked me when I was due, 12 weeks after having the girls) but didn’t dwell on it. Numerous times I had attempted shopping with disastrous results and online shopping was even worse. But I still honestly didn’t focus on it; babies, bottles and burping was the focus.

That was until recently when I was at one of my best friend’s hen party. I had gone against the black and white dress code with a navy shirt dress. Close enough, I thought, and this was my go to dress for all going out occasions. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m not every other weekend. We’ve had about 3 occasions where i needed to look some bit decent and this was the go to outfit for all of them. It was loose enough to over all necessities and still nice enough for dressing up. I find dresses a much better option as once you find one you are happy with they are practically a complete outfit and no messing around with tops and bottoms – bonus! However, this time when I put it on something looked and felt different. it didn’t sit quite as well as it used to, even when i had on the big slimming knickers. I forgot about it and went on with the evening, after all I didn’t have any other options. However, throughout the night I was awkward sitting down, I was awkward standing up and wished the night away. The next morning when I was back home I realised that this was the first time that I have felt truly disgusting. everyone has times when they are unhappy with their bodies and would wish for skinnier legs, stomach or whatever. But this was much more and I finally came to the realisation that this baby weight wasn’t shifting on it’s own.

So, I braved it and I stepped on the scales. I nearly fell off again when I saw the result – 2 and a half stone up on my normal weight. Conscious that another baby is on the way and this would likely lead to nearly 4 stone in weight to lose, I started to look into options. I’ve joined the gym in our block of apartments and have been trying to go 3 times a week. I use it for 30 minutes, alternating running and walking. After 8 weeks I’ve shifted 1 stone and feel loads better about myself.

So for anyone looking to maybe shift some pounds, be it post part or not, here are my few tips:

  • Find something you like.

Theres no point in trying to drag yourself to something you hate so get signed up to something you like. Even if it’s a little on the expensive do it for a couple of months until you get your mojo back.

  • Be realistic

Don’t start by signing up to a race that you have little or no time to prepare for. You’ll be under pressure and will feel even worse when you don’t hit little milestones.

  • Get clothes that are comfortable

I don’t know how many years i’ve been pouring myself into gym wear that honestly are just too small because “it’ll fit when I’m back to my goal weight”. I mean if it fit me now the way I think it should then I wouldn’t need to go to the gym. Get clothes that fit, you’ll feel better when exercising and every thing that helps get you moving is worth it.

  • Be kind to yourself

Don’t expect too much, just start and be happy that you are doing just that. There’s enough pressure on people to look a certain way but just being healthy is the only thing we need to worry about.

  • Prepare.

Schedule it into your day and even if you don’t feel like it get dressed for the exercise and see how you feel later on.