Dealing with pregnancy breakouts

During my pregnancy, like many, many other women, my skin got really bad and was prone to breakouts. To use the phrase favoured by Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, it went ‘bananas’. These weren’t your usual teenage breakouts either, at least those have a start, middle and end – you can see them coming, treat them and then they go away. No, these things popped up without any warning and seemed to settle under the skin so there was no getting rid of them, no matter how hard I tried. Yes, I’m a squeezer…..the shame! Now we all know that hormonal changes will affect the skin and will affect particularly your chinny chin chin but these little pups decided to settle down around my neck instead. So I went about trying new products to deal with them. Actually, I’m still using them because, unfortunately ladies, your skin doesn’t immediately bounce back to its former glory after the 9 months, sigh.
The best range that I used was FAB: First Aid Beauty and these are my favourite products so have a browse and let me know if you have any favourites.

The cleanser is a whipped texture and goes on quite thick but once water is added turns to a lovely foam cream. It’s great at getting rid of makeup and skin feels properly cleaned without drying out.


The Facial Radiance Pads became an all time favourite very quickly. They are promoted as brightening, toning and exfoliating the skin and it definitely ticks all those boxes for me. It is this product that I found really helped calmed down my irritated skin and felt it completely lifted my skin. It’s one product that definitely going to be a staple in my shelf from now on.


Finally, the moisturiser is a rich lotion but soaks into the skin without any heavy residue. Designed to provide exceptional hydration, this is perfect for me as I tend to have quite dry skin particularly in winter.


I also bought cleanser and moisturiser from Elemis pro-collagen range but with price tag of 100+ these are definitely luxury items. However, only a small amount of these fabulous products goes a long way and after almost a year I have only barely broken the surface of the cleanser. I use it as a mask rather than a daily product for bit of indulgence. The products smell amazing and really feel like a gorgeous treat. I actually brought these to the hospital with me and I would recommend to everyone to have a few luxury items with you. After all you’ve gone through nobody deserves a bit of self-indulgence more.

As always, please check with your GP before trying any new products.

I bought all products online via Cloud 10 Beauty. Products can be purchased using the link below.



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