Review: ClevaMama ClevaScoop

Throughout my pregnancy I was adamant that I would try to breastfeed the twins. I stress that word ‘try’ – I knew it would be extremely difficult and would take a lot of work but I was focused on giving it my best shot. In saying that, my ultimate focus was that the girls got what they needed to grow quickly, particularly since they were going to be quite small due to being premature.

For lots of different reasons that I’m not going to go into, I moved to solely formula after a couple of weeks. I feel this is a very individual decision and nobody should be judged for doing what they think is best for them and their baby; a fed baby is a happy baby at the end of the day. On making this decision I picked up all the necessary bits and bobs and amongst these was the ClevaMama ClevaScoop.


The selling point of this smart little creation is that it adds the correct amount of formula to a bottle in just one scoop rather than many. You can change the measurement to whatever number of scoops you need. Baring in mind that I had minimum of 12 bottles to prepare every day, I thought this was a fantastic idea and was excited to try it.

The product comes in 4 pieces – the funnel, the handle and 2 cups. The cup fits into the handle and this is used to measure the formula. The funnel sits on the top of the baby bottle to avoid spillage when adding the formula powder. There are 2 cups to choose from depending on how many scoops you need to add to the bottle.

Initially I was thrilled with my purchase and went on to buy some for my mummy to be friends. The ClevaScoop removed any risk of misjudging the number of scoops put into each bottle, a benefit that I definitely noticed during those nightly feeds when I was never really properly awake. You know, the times when you walk to the kitchen, bouncing against the walls on the way like a game of Pong and waking up hours later panicked as you think you’ve slept through a feed only to see the empty bottles on the floor.

However, after using the ClevaScoop for only a couple of weeks, the numbers indicating the amount of scoops have faded almost completely from the white handle. This makes it very difficult to match the cup to the scoops needed and is a disappointing, basic flaw in the design.


Overall I think this product has the potential to be fantastic and a must for any formula fed baby. However, for this to happen it needs some simple design updates to last longer term. Until then, it remains a good product but with one limitation – only one but an important one.


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